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AviMate 2.0

The premier bird breeder management tool keeps getting better!


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AviMate 3 has many new features and enhancements. Check out What's In Version 3.  See actual screen shots.


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Summary of Features
AviMate features include:
Integrated records on breeders, nursery stock, clutch activities, invoices, contacts, and more...
Production history, detailed reporting, and an extensive on-line help.
Track birds by Band or Cage numbers.
Add Latin Names, Mutation/ Coloration, Microchip ID, Diet, Health, Plus...
Track your sales and expenses.
Full-featured daily planner with day, month, and year views.
51 reports to track your breeder activities; including pedigree, progeny, and production reports.
An attractive Birth/Hatch Certificate which you can give to your retail customer.
Extensive species list with 370 species compiled by Rick Jordan.
  Special Thanks

We would like to thank all who helped make this version possible. We were given a lot of great suggestions and ideas from many of our users.

Special thanks goes to noted avicultural expert Rick Jordan, author of Parrot Incubation Procedures and co-author of African Parrots and Parrot Handfeeding & Nursery Management, for his many contributions.

Feel free to browse our site and find out for yourself why AviMate is the professional breeder’s product of choice.  

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BirdSpeech 101

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