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AviMate Links

Below are a list of bird related links that you may find of interest.
Links followed by
are current users of the AviMate program.

  Avian Sites developed by Boundaries Unlimited
    JJ's Jungle Birds JJ's Jungle Birds is one of the best sources for exquisite baby cockatoos and other baby parrots!!
    Parrotbabies breeds and sales lovable baby parrots. They also carry a complete line of cages, supplies and accessories for parrot lovers and breeders.
    Hookbill Haven Aviary Hookbill Haven Aviary has over 20 years experience in breeding and hand feeding exotic birds!
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  Avian Vets
    Net Vet
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    1 - 2 Tweet Pet Bird Farm
A Place For Canaries
Find stories, pictures, articles, and care tips on many aspects of canary care.
A&M Aviaries
Breeders of hand fed baby macaws, amazons, African greys, cockatoos, Jardines,
caiques, conures and more!
Abbaccus Aviaries
Hobbist breeder focused on cockatiels and canaries.
Avian Acres
Avian Breeder Management
Macaws, Cockatoos, African Grey and many other parrot types
Blue & Grey Aviary
Located in Mulbury, MA., raising African Parrots & Peach-face Lovebird Mutations.
Cody Hill Aviary
A closed aviary that specializes in hand raised, Red Sided Eclectus, Blue & Gold
Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos and African Grey Parrots.

Derby City Aviaries
Located in Louisville, KY., raising Cockatoos, Amazons, Conures & Severe Macaws.
Flying Colors Aviary
Greesons Sweet Spot
Huge collection of articles to download, information about many species.
Hex Aviary
Hill Country Aviaries
Hollyberry Birds

Breeds a wide variaty of Cockatoos including Leadbeaters and Rosebreasted
Cockatoos. Also breeders of Amazons, Macaws, Conures, Greys, and more.

Hookbill Haven Aviary
Over 20 years experience in breeding and hand feeding exotic birds!
J&D Farm Exotic Birds
JJ's Jungle Birds
Best source for exquisite baby cockatoos and other baby parrots!!
Judy Leach's Parrot Babies
Breeder of Macaws, Cockatoos, and African Greys. Lots of information!
Breeds and sales lovable baby parrots of all types.
Sandy's Exotic Birds
Located in Greenville, IN., raising Macaws, Eclectus & Cockatoos.
The Bird Lady
The Birdlady of Norco
Top quality Australian Finches, Parrotlets and Grasskeets. Norco, CA
Unique Beak Aviaries
Unique Beak Aviaries specializing in closed banded domestically raised Australian,
African and Indo-Pacific Finches and Waxbills
Willow Creek Aviary
Specializing in Hyacinth and B&G Macaws as Special Pets and for Future Breeding.
Wool-N-Wings are breeders of quality llamas and parrots.
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    Aviary and Cage Birds Society of South Florida (ACBS).
Massachusets Cage Bird Association

New England Exotic Bird Sanctuary
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  Breeder Supplies & Distributors
    L&M Bird Leg Bands
Source for bird leg bands from finch to macaw size plus other bird care products.
RETCO / Just Plain Toys
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  Informative/Specialized Sites
    Birds n Ways
Bird HotLine
The New World Wide Lost and Found for Birds.
An international bird rescue organization with branches across the USA and Canada.
Cockatiels & Lovebirds
Exotic Bird Information Resource
Facts about Psittacosis
FAQ on Lories and Lorikeets
Hagen Avicultural Research Institute
Planned Parrothood
An informative and interactive fun site for all bird lovers.
Our site focuses on Memorials and Living Tributes for Domestic Pets, Large
Animals/Mammals and Birds.

The Aviary
The Birdcage Page
The Budgerigar Page
The Fabulous Kakapo
The Online Book of Parrots
The Pet Bird Page
Those Majestic Macaws
Birds, Books, and other Goodies - Join the adventure!
Up at Six Aviaries

Belgium Parrot Society
Belgium Parrot Society

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  Last Updated: January 02, 2009

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